Commentaries / Analyses

The Airline Industry is characterized by challenges that make its management practice an intricate affair. This blog delves into those challenges and provides the author’s views on how the industry’s management practice can be adopted to deal with them.

In Aviation by Coincidence?

I am a Business Administration professional by training. I must admit it wasn’t by plan or conscious interest that I found myself in the Airline Industry; it somehow just came to be. But that does not really matter anyway. What is important is the fact that I quickly learnt to love the industry once I got the ‘kerosene’ flowing through my veins (pretty much like it is for most folks in aviation)! In fact I have loved it so much that I now consider myself an Industry Enthusiast! It is very likely that I will see off my business admin career in the industry.

My Reaction on First Close Encounter with an Airliner

I felt under-awed by the parked Boeing 737 Jetliner. Nothing about it met the ‘high level of expectation’ I had of it as a sophisticated flying machine! Not even the cockpit appearance complete with its numerous well organized buttons and instrument panels could do the trick.  But as they say, you never judge a book by its cover. With time, I was to learn that the simplistic surface appearance is a necessity and is the result of great science and design that takes and translates the sophistication needed to make that 57 ton behemoth fly  into a simplified interface in order to make it possible for mortals like me operate it safely and reliably!

If I wasn’t Doing what I am Doing Today

I would be a ‘techie’ of some sort, a teacher or a chef! As a child, I was always good with my hands; crafting toys or fixing broken things; like my dad’s transistor radio (how I miss those simple days of AM and SW radio). My one year stint as an untrained teacher at a community school back in 1995 had so positive an impact on my students and the community, I rate it one of my top accomplishments to date. On the kitchen front, I can brag that the best omelet trophy belonged to me in a family of excellent cooks! In general, people have always been impressed whenever I have taken to the kitchen and cooked from the heart.

What to Expect

I am here to share the insights I have on the Airline Industry from a management perspective. As an insider with over 12 years of experience, I can confirm that the Airline Industry is truly a challenging and interesting environment. There is just so much thought-provoking and interesting stuff to share and I intend to do just that. In order not to miss any of my posts, I recommend that you follow my blog in order to receive notifications of my posts through email.


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