Welcome to the “View-from-the-Aisle-Seat” Blog

Welcome Greeting

Hello and Welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog post. As would be expected, I am over the moon about it. It has been weeks of looking forward to this moment. It is finally here so let the drums roll.

Target Audience

If you are an analyst or aviation enthusiast with a keen eye on topical issues in commercial aviation and management, then rest assured that you have found the right place to satisfy your thirst. I hope to serve thought provoking analyses and commentaries on topical issues on management as it is practiced today in the commercial aviation industry. I hope to especially share with you my unique insider’s perspective. In order not to make it All-work, No-play, I will serve some pieces with a light perspective from time to time. Be sure to check the “Aviation Themed Jokes” section for this.

Celebrating 12 Years in the Industry

On May 21st 2013, I celebrated twelve years of diligent service in the airline industry. What a journey it has been. There have been moments of joy and those of sadness. I have shed tears of triumph and those of defeat at different times in the journey. In as much as there are occasions that I will cherish forever, there also exist those I would love to erase out of my memory as quickly as could be possible. What is important though is the fact that overall, it’s been challenging, Interesting and enjoyable. That is the motivation behind me wanting to share so you can also partake of the beautiful story filled with valuable insights.

From “Naivety” to “Authority”

My very first close encounter with a jetliner was with a Boeing 737-300 that was on ground for maintenance. Believe it or not, it under awed me! Its appearance on the surface did not meet my expectation of a sophisticated machine that flies at 35,000 feet above the ground. I guess it was a case of “naivety” and “exaggerated expectation” against “uncomplicated reality”. Perhaps I can blame this on the story of Theodore Honey and the Reindeer Jetliner that I so thoroughly enjoyed when I read Neville Shute‘s book “No Highway” as a teenager.

Fast forward some years and here we are today. Long gone is the naivety and exaggerated expectation that made me dismiss as a joke a respectable machine that remains one of the most iconic images and success stories of commercial aviation to date. Today I rate myself an authority on commercial aviation management. I hold a substantive and unique insider view of the industry that I can share with you. What a difference!

Invitation to Follow My Blog

This piece is therefore an invitation for you to jump on board and cruise with me as I share the story of commercial aviation management from the point of view of my experience. Register and follow my blog by clicking on the “Follow This Blog” link. By doing so, you will receive every post on your email so you will not miss any. I guarantee it will be insightful, thought provoking and interesting.


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